Testimonial from Sherry, a Real Estate Broker

“Ms. Work was recommended to me as an attorney who could defend me in a DRE Accusation and hopefully protect my California Real Estate Broker’s License from being revoked. I innocently and ignorantly became involved with a past employer who wanted me to act as her company’s designated broker just long enough for her to get her broker’s license. Long story short, the trust fund was not kept up to date, she personally comingled funds, and I ended up with an Accusation from the DRE for lack of supervision and fraud. For three years, it was an absolute nightmare; didn’t sleep and didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, I was able to prove I did not commit fraud with Mary’s help so that charge was dropped, and Mary was able to settle my case with the DRE before the trial date. The result was still painful but probably the best I could have hoped for as my broker’s license was not revoked. If I had not hired her as my attorney, I have no doubt my license would have been revoked, because I could not afford to pay her or any other attorney to represent me for the length of the proposed trial, 5 days in LA. Mary’s fees were very reasonable, she was sympathetic to my situation, honest, and she contacted me whenever it was necessary. Mary is very professional, an expert in licensing issues and she gets the job done. She never missed a deadline with the DRE and was very patient explaining everything along the way. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to legally defend their professional license in the State of California… I will never be in that situation again, but if you are, Ms. Work is the defense attorney you should call…”