Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

What do you charge?

I do not discuss fees on the Internet – I generally determine the fees after conducting an issue-spotting call with the potential client.

How do I open my own real estate brokerage?

There are a number of due diligence considerations before applying to license a corporation with the Department of Real Estate.

  • What types of real estate services do you plan to offer?
  • Will you open more than one physical location?
  • Do you have the right background to adequately supervise the brokerage starting on day one?
  • If not, are there others you should hire to be a part of the business management team?

I have received a letter from the DRE asking about a transaction that I handled, do I need to provide documentation to the investigator?

The DRE has jurisdiction over real estate licensees. A licensed real estate broker/brokerage is required to maintain copies of all records of transactions handled by the broker. After notice by the DRE, the books and records pertaining to real estate licensee activity shall be made available for examination by the DRE.

Do I need a real estate broker license to manage investment properties owned by members of my family?

A real estate licensee can act as a principal when handling their own real property but not in every situation. Practice tip: Seek legal advice before offering management services under the expectation that no license is required.