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If your real estate license is being challenged you need legal counsel with experience in defending licensees before the California Bureau of Real Estate. You have a limited time to respond to licensing challenges and if you miss that opportunity, you could lose your right to have a hearing and lose your license by default.


At times, licensees fail to respond to BRE/DRE investigative inquiries – this can lead to more aggressive investigatory techniques and often also results in the scheduling of an audit of the responsible broker’s books and records.   To know your rights – consult with counsel who has experience with the investigatory inquiry process.

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What are the consequences of a criminal conviction or license discipline by other jurisdictions when you hold a professional or occupational license?

Business and Professions Code section 10186.2 requires real estate licensees to self-report felony indictments as well as convictions for any felony or misdemeanor and actions taken by other licensing authorities to the California Bureau of Real Estate.  NOTE: There are strict time limits that apply.