Property Management Compliance

property management compliance

Property Management Brokerage

  • Have you decided to open a Property Management Company in California?
  • Do you currently hold the correct license so that you can offer property management services to others for a fee?
  • Do you know which agency regulates property management service providers in California?

If you answer “Yes” to the above questions, you still may need legal guidance to ensure that your business is compliant from day one of operation. Prior to launching your venture contact this office to learn about the most common reasons for regulatory actions against property management service providers and how to avoid the violations that trigger such actions.

Property Management services are in demand and the business can be rewarding and provide a steady cash flow in good and not so good real estate markets. However, because property management is highly regulated in this state and requires planning and follow-through in order to avoid the common errors that lead to regulatory actions, it is wise to obtain legal and accountancy advice before expending resources to launch your business or adding property management services to your existing brokerage operations.

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