California Department of Real Estate Petitions

california department of real estate petitions

When the DRE makes an accusation against you, it is required to make certain information about the case public through its website, to help the public protect itself against ‘credible risks.’ Now you have two problems: the actual proceedings against you from the DRE, and the damage to your brand and professional reputation.

Fortunately, there’s a mechanism by which you can appeal to have your information removed from the DRE’s website, through petitioning the DRE. You can petition the DRE to remove your information if it’s over ten years old, and only cases where disciplinary measures were imposed are made public in the first place.

Petitioning the DRE requires that you be a current real estate licensee, but you don’t want to go through this process on your own: you should make sure you have experienced professional legal counsel working with you every step of the way.

From initial contact with the DRE through to dealing with decades-old issues that still affect your license and reputation, it pays to have experienced, professional guidance and representation in your corner.

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