Testimonial: A Real Estate Licensee’s Rehabilitation with Felony Convictions

I am a Leasing Agent for a prominent Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. I have been with the company for Three years. 

Through a serious of events, an opportunity for a career in Real Estate presented itself. I took the necessary classes, scheduled the state exam-PASSED, and applied for a Real Estate License.  I was met with much adversity as the California Department of Real Estate declined my application for further investigation due to Legal issues of my past.  It was at this point that I was referred to Mary Work by the attorney who handled my prior case.

I met Mary for the first time at her Manhattan Beach office.  The atmosphere was professional, organized, and decorated with community awards, certifications, and licenses.  I immediately felt my case was in the right hands.

Mary invited me to share about myself and what had happened in the incident that resulted in a felony conviction.  She quickly picked up on my defective perception and mindset and took corrective measures to help me see my part in the incident and ultimately take responsibility for my actions.  Because of Mary’s years of experience and expertise in Real Estate Defense cases, she knew exactly what the judge was looking for and what course of action to take.

Mary assessed my case in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the criteria for Rehabilitation. She took the time and care to meet with me on numerous occasions before the trial.  Her strong tactics and precision planning gave me great confidence that we were prepared in full. Moreover, this established a sense of faith and trust regardless of the outcome because we had taken all the steps and measures necessary to confront the case.

Mary’s confidence in the courtroom is profound and it gave me a big feeling of ease and comfort.  She was concise and powerful during cross examinations and clearly demonstrated my successful rehabilitation beyond a reasonable doubt.  Due to Mary’s dedication and meticulous preparation I won my case and was awarded my Sales Persons License.  It is with great appreciation and gratitude for Mary Work, that I now enjoy a lucrative career in commercial Real Estate.

Mike N.
Leasing Agent