California Real Estate License Applications

california real estate license applications

Professional Licensing For The California Real Estate Industry

Applications For Licensing

Are you planning to apply for a real estate salesperson’s license or a real estate broker license from the California Department of Real Estate?

Are you planning to license a corporation to conduct real estate brokerage activities in California?


Do you want to obtain your MLO so that you can become a mortgage loan originator licensed by the DRE or DFPI?

Important Considerations:

  1. Do you currently qualify to apply for the license?
  2. If you plan to license a business, have you selected the correct business entity in order to comply with licensing requirements?
  3. Will you encounter problems with the license application process because of a prior criminal history or past regulatory actions taken by government agencies in California or in another state?

If you are not certain about the answer to the above questions, the best time to inquire is prior to enrolling in real estate pre-licensure courses.

Please contact this office for more information.