California Department of Real Estate (DRE) License Defense

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Mary E. Work specializes in defending real estate licensees against the Department of Real Estate in legal and disciplinary proceedings and helping them achieve and maintain compliance.

The DRE is responsible for issuing, monitoring and disciplining real estate licenses, through audits, investigations and court appearances. Since its remit was altered to place the emphasis on consumer protection, the DRE has been more aggressive in auditing, investigating and disciplining California real estate licensees, including working on a backlog of historical complaints.

There’s a good chance that your business could be audited or inspected, which is why we work with our clients to ensure that their record-keeping and business operations are fully compliant so that an audit is nothing to worry about.

If you’ve just learned that you’re about to be audited, or you’ve received notice that an accusation has been made against you by the DRE, you should contact a specialist DRE defense attorney as soon as possible to arrange your defense.

We work with clients who have been accused or have DRE disciplinary action taken against them to mitigate the harm caused and save licenses, businesses, and reputations, by vigorously defending our clients in and out of court at every step of the process.

We can also help with removing public statements of historical disciplinary action.

Over 20 Years of California DRE License Defense Experience

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Whatever the nature of the risks to your practice and your license, you have a right to an effective, professional defense from the start. At any stage of the process, we can help. We have extensive experience working with clients to ensure that if they are audited; they pass with flying colors; where clients approach us for defense after an audit, we seek to resolve the issue before an accusation is even filed and to pursue varied lines of defense throughout the court hearing process.

We have achieved negotiated resolutions that allow clients to continue to operate and earn a living in the real estate profession, victories and exonerations in administrative and superior court, and cases dismissed during discovery on legal or factual bases that would otherwise not have been found.

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